Geocaching: A Grown-Up’s Version of Hide-and-Seek

While the great outdoors and cutting-edge technology may seem to occupy opposite ends of the spectrum, an avid geocacher can attest to the falsehood of this misconception. A hobby that combines the beauty of nature with science’s latest advancements, geocaching has developed into a wildly popular pastime. Intrepid adventurers hide durable containers in wilderness areas, hoping their humble treasures will be found by other geocachers. Because hidden geocaches prove extremely challenging to locate unassisted, geocachers rely on the amazing accuracy of global positioning systems to uncover sought-after caches. From lush forests to coastlines and from marshes to rolling plains, geocaches are concealed in an array of settings, often prompting geocaching enthusiasts to explore an assorted sampling of our world’s natural splendors. Although frequent travel may not always be an option for potential geocachers, this should not be a cause for discouragement; geocaches are often found in the most unexpected locations.

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