How a Crazy Cat Lady Changed History

According to prevailing stereotypes, the crazy cat lady’s civic contributions prove extremely limited. Emerging from her cluttered abode only to procure kitty litter and canned cat food, these feline frenzied females are often viewed as a mere comic caricature of spinsterhood. However, a careful examination of American history debunks this misconception as a crazy cat lady once altered the identity of our nation. Historical records indicate that famed Civil War nurse and humanitarian Clara Barton harbored an intense love of cats. In fact, following her bravery at the Battle of Antietam, Clara received a kitten as a token of gratitude from an appreciative Union official. When she was not braving bullet-riddled battlefields or leading search, rescue, and recovery efforts, this American icon thoroughly enjoyed the company of her feline companions. Never one to be controlled by expectations and stereotypes, Clara nursed wounded soldiers, helped families locate missing loved ones following the conclusion of the American Civil War, and founded the American Red Cross, serving as its first president and essentially eliminating the social stigma attached to crazy cat ladies. The next time someone refers to you as a crazy cat lady, remember the life of this American hero and respond with a resounding “thank you!”

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The historical information used in this article was pulled from Click on this URL to learn more about Clara Barton and other influential crazy cat ladies.


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