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An unequalled fusion of archaic ages and fresh fashion, the nation of Egypt perpetually serves as a source of amazement for the inquisitive. While modern Egyptians boast a rich culture and curious customs, much of the country’s allure stems from the era of the Egyptian pharaohs. The StickerTalk invites you to travel back in time to witness the splendor of the ancient African kingdom that continues to thrive on the banks of the Nile.

Bizarre Beliefs: Before the majority of modern Egyptians embraced the monotheism of the Islamic faith, their ancient counterparts worshipped over a thousand gods and goddesses. Religion played an integral role in the lives of ancient Egyptians. They believed that all humans were formed on the potter’s wheel of a god named Knhum and that the annual flooding of the Nile River was caused by the tears of the goddess Isis.

Girl Power: Unlike women in other ancient civilizations, women in ancient Egypt enjoyed many of the same basic rights as Egyptian men. Women could own property and serve on juries. Most impressively, women even ascended the Egyptian throne. The first woman pharaoh was Hatshepsut; however, Hatshepsut’s fame often pales in comparison with that of the infamous femme fatale, Cleopatra, who later became pharaoh.

Molding Modernity: Many contemporary customs trace their roots to ancient Egypt. For example, the tradition of exchanging wedding rings is thought to have originated in ancient Egyptian ceremonies. Several of our modern luxuries, including toothpaste, locks, and paper, also derive from ancient Egyptian inventions.

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