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Although considered an emblem of the American past, the exquisitely extravagant banana split still boasts the ability to make mouths water and diets be conveniently forgotten. In fact, this sweet treat garners such an abundance of attention that Americans annually dedicate August 25 as National Banana Split Day. In spite of the banana split’s widespread renown, its origins remain disputed, a culinary crusade largely fought between the cities of Wilmington, Ohio, and Latrobe, Pennsylvania. According to homegrown historians hailing from Latrobe, the dessert was created in the sweltering summer of 1904. A druggist apprentice named David Strickler, they claim, first scooped the classic confection in Latrobe’s Tassell Pharmacy in an effort to attract business in an era when pharmacies, soda fountains, and ice cream parlors vied in fierce capitalist competition. This seemingly airtight alibi, however, often elicits the ire of Ohioans who claim the banana split was initially served in their fair city of Wilmington three years later in 1907. A friendly rivalry between the opposing cities continues to provide a source of benevolent banter as people across the globe curiously conclude which side of the split to support. Which city is the confection’s cradle? We’ll let you decide!

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