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While many people cite the Wright Brothers’ victory at Kitty Hawk as mankind’s first successful flight, modern aviation existed long before this historic incident. The first man-made vehicle to grace the skies was the hot air balloon, taking its first flight in 1793. Invented by a French scientist, the hot air balloon’s maiden voyage was considered so precarious that its inventor refused to personally test his newfangled contraption; instead, a duck, a rooster, and a sheep. Since the hot air balloon’s skeptical beginnings, it has been employed to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. In the American Civil War, both armies utilized the hot air balloon for the purpose of espionage as the soldiers manning the aircraft could easily observe troop numbers and movements. Today, the hot air balloon is often used to advertise companies and products. It also offers scenic views to intrepid adventurers as well as thrilling opportunities to hot air balloon racers. No matter the purpose of a hot air balloon expedition, this unique experience is sure to prove uplifting to anyone brave enough to set foot in a basket.

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