Marching band season is right around the corner with football season coming up and you might be thinking what is so special about a marching band? Well, first of all a marching band is a group of musicians who play musical instruments while marching most often led by a drum major who conducts the band for entertainment and competitions. Competitions? Yes, many marching bands compete for many different awards, such as, in high school marching band, when the band can compete in state championships. There are even world championships held all across the globe. Along with competing, marching bands do a whole lot more like the entertaining portion of a marching bands job. Marching bands typically perform marching drills during halftime at football games to entertain the eagar football and band fans. Marching bands can also sometimes perform in parades. However, this is very different from how marching band originated into this world. Marching bands originally were used in the military to lead the troops into battle, but this eventually became less of a necessity and the bands slowly converted into a form of entertainment. Nevertheless, some of the military traditions are still found in certain types of marching bands such as military marching bands. Where military commands such as “Forward March” and “Left Face” are still used. This type of marching band is most notably recognized by its straight, uniform ranks and files that always move in the forward direction. Military bands also only typically play march music. On the other side of things, there are also core bands. Which is a type of marching band, but instead of the traditional style of military bands, these bands can move in any direction to form interesting shapes and patterns. They also play a variety of different selections of musical stylings. Nowadays, core marching bands are much more common than the traditional military marching bands, but some military marching bands still exist like the one in StickerTalk’s hometown. The Mighty Cougar Marching Band! StickerTalk is a proud supporter of marching bands, especially their hometown band. StickerTalk has provided the band with ice cold water throughout the heat of summer marching band practice all the way to providing hot chocolate when the band is performing at wintery football games, not to mention the occasional treat for really stressful practices.Good Luck this season marching bands and lets go make some music!

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