Who doesn’t love Disney movies? Everyone has a favorite one; it might go back to the original Mickey Mouse film FANTASIA or the latest release or one in between. Everyone has at least one favorite song from a movie that they can whistle, hum, sing the chorus or sing the entire song. People love to watch the Disney classics and find themselves totally absorbed in ones like LADY AND THE TRAMP, PETERPAN, and PINOCCHIO. They watch these animated feature films over and over again and annualize the personalities of the characters. To truly appreciate the quality of the classics, every frame needs to be watched. Notice the facial expressions, the body language, and the interaction between the characters. For example, the scenes from the dog pound have tears falling from some of the dog’s eyes and others are howling sadly in harmonious tune. There is a dog using a bucket as a drum and another using a dog dish with a bone in it as a cymbal; together these percussion instruments played by dogs, make interesting music! The emotions these scenes from LADY AND THE TRAMP stir up inside people can only be felt fully by closely following every character’s movements and listening to every sound.

The Disney classics always contain a moral lesson or two or three. Again, let’s examine THE LADY AND THE TRAMP. The two Siamese cats can do no wrong according to their owner, the Aunt. The Aunt looks at them as her children. Do you know parents who think their child could never be the instigator of something and so the innocent one gets blamed? The moral here is, it is imperative to get all the facts before making a judgement call. The neighborhood dogs look down on Tramp because he does not belong to a family that lives in a nice home like they do; in fact, he does not belong to any family! Tramp is a stray. The dogs in Lady’s neighborhood do not think Tramp is good enough for her. It is not what is seen on the outside that is important, but what is on the inside that matters. Tramp has a kind heart and Lady can see that. Outsides are easy to clean up and change; insides can only be changed if the person wants to change them and it can take time and effort. There are more morals in the story waiting to be found.

Now while families are spending time together, have a Disney movie night. Watch someone’s favorite Disney movie. Then, talk about it together. Why was it someone’s favorite? What character was the favorite of each family member and why? Pick a song from the movie, find it on Disney Sing Along and sing it together. Do this on different nights for everyone’s favorite movie. Not only will you enjoy spending time together, but you will get to know each other better when you discuss the movie.

Why not let your happy time together start tonight. It’s a perfect way to calm your nerves and let yourself escape to a place that is nothing like what is happening in the world around you.



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