Pets are loved members of the family. February 20 is the day for pet owners all over the world to give their pet extra attention; it is National Love Your Pet Day. It is a day for pet owners to ensure these family members are pampered, handled affectionately, and spoiled rotten. Dog lovers might give their furry friend a doggie spa day (bath, haircut, body massage, pedicure, and a doggie cookie). Not all dogs would consider a spa day a treat; a dog toy might be a better gift. Dogs love toys they can carry around in their mouth and ones they can chew. Many chew toys have the added benefit of helping to clean the dog’s teeth. Dogs love to fetch balls too. Because dog toys can be purchased for all sizes of canines, be sure to get the correct size. Cats love to jump and climb and provide hours of entertainment doing acrobatic maneuvers on a climbing tree. A new one might be the perfect present or a hammock scratching post. There are toys designed to satisfy the hunting instincts of cats and ones called catnip chaser play stations. For the cat that has a difficult time calming down at night, a purr pillow stuffed animal toy that is designed to provide a calming affect when snuggled could be a gift the cat and owner would appreciate. Bird lovers could treat their pet to a shoulder ride around the house or a splash in the sink (just do not put too much water in it). A pet bird would also enjoy a new toy like a flying trapeze or a rope ladder. A pet fish might enjoy a new tank accessory like a live plant or something it can hide in to feel safe.

Dogs, cats, birds and fish are what most people have in their home as pets. Many people have farm or wild animals as pets also. Since not all animal pets play with made-made toys, they all have a special food they consider a treat and look forward to getting. This is a great way for owners to show them love and attention.

People who do not own a pet, can still celebrate National Love Your Pet Day. The day is all about giving our animal friends an abundance of attention. People can volunteer for the day at an animal shelter or, if they are not able to spend the day volunteering, they can spend a few minutes visiting cages and talking to the animals. If the shelter allows for visitors to touch the animals or hold them, a little body contact means a lot to a sheltered animal. Those who are not able to spend a few hours at a shelter as a volunteer, can take some blankets, food or toys to one. Non pet owners could also visit a friend who has a pet and take the animal a special food treat or toy. Not only will the pet enjoy the extra attention, but the friend will be thrilled.

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