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A picture is worth a thousand words; almost everyone has heard this ancient adage. However, many people are not familiar with the picture’s equally intriguing role in politics, society, and discovery. Strike a pose with The StickerTalk as we explore the colorful world of photography!

  • Although cameras have been utilized extensively since the early 1800s, modern photographers snap more pictures in a mere two minutes than all the photographers of the eighteenth century combined. According to one census, social media users share about one trillion photos on an annual basis.
  • Cameras have played a vital part in the course of modern human history. For the first time in history, journalists in the Civil War used their newfound innovations in photography to capture the horrors of war; this technological development helped shatter the idea of war as a source of boundless opportunities for glory and fame and made the warring states more eager to reconcile. Cameras have continued to share both encouraging and action-provoking images ever since, even making their way to the surface of the moon in 1969. However, the cameras used to document the moon landing were left in space in order to lighten the load of the spacecraft.
  • Many casual observers of antique portraits believe our forerunners must have been a stern lot as their facial expressions often lack any sign of warmth or joy. Quite the contrary, these grim faces are only common in old photographs because nineteenth century technology required its subject to remain completely still for hours at a time. Imagine trying to maintain a steady smile for two hours!

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