The Wonders of Washington

It is the capital city of the United States and a cultural melting pot for people from all corners of the globe; Washington, D.C., hosts a plethora of unusual sights and harbors a unique heritage. Throughout our nation’s winding history, this bustling city has played a central role in the destiny of millions, attracting the attention of countless curious visitors. In this edition of The StickerTalk, join us as we “capitalize” on the many wonders of Washington, D.C.

  • Although Washington, D.C. has served as the official home of forty-five U.S. presidents, only one is buried in the city. When Woodrow Wilson passed away in 1924, his remains were enshrined in the Washington National Cathedral. Not only is the Washington National Cathedral famous for being the burial ground of the former president, but it also features the profile of Darth Vader in its vast array of gargoyles!
  • Washington, D.C. is home to a curious collection of monuments and statues, but perhaps the most intriguing statue is that of Thomas Jefferson located in the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Though a 19-foot-tall, bronze likeness of the Founding Father currently stands in the center of the monument, the original statue was made of plaster due to World War II-era metal rations.
  • Many notable figures call Washington, D.C. their hometown. D.C. locals include television personality Bill Nye, music mogul Duke Ellington, and actress Goldie Hawn.

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