There is a plethora of different types of art forms such as, painting, drawing, sculpting, and even gardening, but what about the old timey art of quilting? Not many people today have ever even thought about creating a quilt, nevertheless actually attempting it. However, a long time ago they were practically an essential item. Quilts are said to have come from ancient Egypt. There is a carving made of ivory in a British museum that shows the First Egyption Dynasty King wearing a robe made of something that resembles a quilt. There is also evidence that suggests that men wore garments under their armor made of quilted material. Moving rapidly into the future all the way to pioneer times, pioneer women would often be part of a quilting circle, where most women in a community would join together to talk and make a quilt. These quilts were often sold to raise money for events. During these times women often made quilts to provide warmth on chilly nights and to cover windows and doors to keep out the cold nights air. That leads up to World War II. During World War II women were encouraged by the Red Cross to create quilts for soldiers as well as raffling the quilts off to bring in funds to support the Red Cross. However, these quilts were slightly different with the introduction of the invention of the first successful sewing machine in 1830. Quilts no longer had to be hand sewn and could be made through a sewing machine which sped up the quilting process. The art of quilting has not evolved much through the years, but the talent for making quits is fading away. Nevertheless there are still some very talented people who dedicate their life to the beautiful, unique art of quilting. Happy quilting!

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