National Bobblehead Day is established as an official National Observance Day to be celebrated annually each year on Jan. 7. It is a day of celebration for all spring-connected head bobbing figurines.

Bobbleheads have been popular collectibles since the 20th century. With the use of plastic, mass production of bobbleheads was possible at a reasonable cost. The quality also improved with the use of plastic and vinyl materials. During this time, dashboard bobbleheads were popular and you can still purchase them today. Various United States major league baseball teams started giving their team bobbleheads away at games. Fans started collecting them and soon popular team members, like Mikey Mantle, became highly sought after bobbleheads. Over time, bobbleheads from basketball, hockey, and other sports teams could be purchased Today, children and adults alike are collectors of bobbleheads. There is a wide selection to choose from so the best way to start a collection is to decide on a theme. Here are some suggestions: (1) Various Marvel cartoon characters, (2) Star War characters, (3) Disney characters like Minnie Mouse, (4) popular singers, (5) famous actors like John Wayne, (6) famous people like Albert Einstein IV and Queen Elizabeth II, (7) pop-culture figures, and (8) your favorite political personality. If none of these interest you, maybe you would like to collect breeds of cats or dogs. You might want to just collect computer bobblehead sitters. Just be sure to select something you are interested in collecting so you will enjoy your “hunting” expeditions to find them and have no problem parting with the money you spend on each addition to your collection.

                You might be wondering, what is a bobblehead? Its oversized head is attached to its neck by a spring and when lightly tapped, the head shakes or bobbles. Bobbleheads decorated homes and castles in Britain, Europe, and America as far back as the 1700s. They were made out of ceramic and individually handmade in China. Then, in the 1900s, ceramic bobblehead animals were made in Germany. They were not affordable to the common people.

                With the advancement of technology, it is now fast and easy to make customized bobbleheads. You can go online and find companies that specialize in making them. You supply the headshot and they will make it a bobblehead on the selected body outfit you specify. The choices are numerous. For the professional, you can purchase bobbleheads dressed like doctors, dentists, nurses, firefighters, realtors, chefs, golfers, etc. A unique gift for a graduate is a personalized bobblehead dressed in cap and gown. A personalized wedding cake topper can be a bobblehead of the bride and groom in traditional wedding attire. With any one-of-a-kind purchase, the cost for custom bobbleheads can be expensive. Expect to spend $70 to over $100 for each one.

                Here is some bobblehead trivia: (1) In 2003 the Guinness Book of World Records recorded the largest bobblehead was one of TV show host Chuck Woolery. It weighed 900 pounds and was 11 feet tall. (2) In 2016 the National Hall of Fame and Museum for Bobbleheads opened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. It has on display over 10,000 different bobbleheads from around the world. It is the only specific museum dedicated to bobbleheads in the entire world. (3) There is a rare and very valuable bobblehead set of the Beatles released in 1964.

                Next time you are in a parking lot, see if you can spot any bobblehead dashboard characters!

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