Specter Turned Sticker: StickerTalk’s Shark Sticker

All eyes focus on the mysterious depths of the ocean as a very sharky celebration descends on national television. A contemporary tradition, many broadcasting networks dedicate a week of airtime during the summer to celebrate the shark by airing a wide variety of harrowing, yet fascinating, documentaries. Families across America anxiously anticipate this fishy festival, eager to gain a glimpse into the somewhat obscure lives of this aquatic apex predator; constant curiosity propels viewers into uncharted waters where sharks swim freely and humans may observe without restraint. This growing interest in sharks prompted the creative minds at StickerTalk to design our Shark Sticker. Although this friendly fish is not as intimidating as his onscreen relatives, this shark is sure to “stick” with you wherever you go! From vehicles to tablets to tumblers, our Shark Sticker will add a note of summery excitement to any item or excursion. By displaying this quality-made product on any hard, flat surface, you can easily share your passion for these terrifyingly majestic creatures!

Shark Sticker
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