Start Spreading the News: StickerTalk’s New York Skyline Bumper Sticker

Home of Broadway plays, Lady Liberty, and some of the world’s finest hot dog vendors, it is no small secret why New York City is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations. People from all corners of the globe flock to New York’s crowded streets to experience firsthand the blissfully chaotic atmosphere that put the Big Apple on the map. A tourist may visit a plethora of historical sites, such as Ellis Island, and marvel at contemporary feats of engineering, like the Empire State Building, all in the same day; a single excursion in one of New York City’s thousands of taxis will expose a tourist to a lifetime’s worth of excitement and adventure. Inspired by this city’s charismatic’s allure, the talented design team at StickerTalk created the New York Skyline Bumper Sticker. This carefully crafted product features the silhouettes of New York’s most iconic buildings and monuments, each structure printed with precise detail. A die-cut sticker, our New York Skyline Bumper Sticker will retain only a small, white margin after application as the pink line in the image shows where the sticker is cut. The city’s name is printed along the bottom of the sticker, putting the finishing touch on this truly unique product. Whether you are native to this sprawling metropolis or merely had the good fortune of a limited stay, StickerTalk’s New York Skyline Bumper Sticker is proudly printed to serve as a playful reminder of New York City’s unforgettable opportunities.

New York Skyline Bumper Sticker
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