It’s Unanimous!

As October fades into November, voting season culminates in a grand display in democracy. No matter which end of the political spectrum you hail from, everyone can agree that your vote and voice matter in the upcoming election. In honor of National Election Day, The StickerTalk has compiled an interesting assortment of political peculiarities that are sure to make you flex your cranium before you head to the polls!

  • Proud that you voted? Whatever you do, don’t take a selfie with that ballot! In the United States, taking a picture with your ballot constitutes a crime that may result in punishments ranging from a fine to jail.
  • Although American politics may seem to careen towards absolute absurdity at times, at least our system is more sophisticated than the voting system utilized in ancient Sparta. In order to vote, the governing body of Sparta would simply shout! Of course, the loudest side won the vote. However, American elections have often rivaled the antics of this somewhat outlandish operation. For example, the state constitution of Ohio blatantly declares that “idiots” cannot cast a vote in any of the state’s polling sites, and, during the presidential election of 1872, Ulysses S. Grant ran against a dead man.
  • While many Americans wish that Election Day occurred during the weekend, our Founding Fathers carefully chose to hold elections on a Tuesday in order to ensure that a voter would not have to choose between casting a ballot or attending church. Additionally, the first part of November was selected to host Election Day to allow farmers a chance to complete their fall harvests before traveling to the polls.

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