The Appaloosa: Amazingly Adept and Absolutely American

Some call it the Dalmatian of the horse world. Others know it as the most versatile and uniquely American equestrian breed. Whatever your impression of the Appaloosa horse, it is easy to understand why this speckled breed has trotted away with the hearts of animal lovers. Saddle up and hang on tight as The StickerTalk gallops through the Appaloosa’s impressive profile!

  • The Appaloosa is a jack of all trades. The breed’s versatility makes it an exceptional dressage, jumping, or rodeo horse. However, inexperienced buyers beware! The Appaloosa’s high-strung and overachieving demeanor may require a much more experienced rider.
  • The Appaloosa breed was developed by the Nez Perce Native American Tribe. While the tribe resided in Washington, Oregon, and parts of Idaho, they selectively bred their horses, a process resulting in the quick and agile Appaloosa horse we know today. White settlers originally called them “Palouse horses” after the Palouse River that winded across Nez Perce land.
  • Appaloosas were a favorite on the silver screen during the heyday of Western films. Movie stars including John Wayne and Marlon Brando were often captured on-screen alongside these unique creatures.


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