StickerTalk’s Magnetic Attraction

Don’t let our name fool you; StickerTalk’s inventory offers a wide variety of carefully crafted magnets to customers in addition to our world-renouned stickers! From business signs to bumper magnets, we proudly produce magnetic versions of some of our most beloved stickers. Due to the popularity of StickerTalk magnets, we often receive questions concerning the advantages and limitations of our magnetic products. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

  1. What surfaces will my new magnet adhere to?

Our magnets only attract ferromagnetic metals. For example, our magnets will not adhere to surfaces made of glass, wood, plastic, or aluminum.

  1. What are the advantages of purchasing a magnet?

Magnets are can be removed and repositioned more easily than our stickers. If you plan on purchasing a product that will only be used for a limited time, a magnet might be the wisest buy for you.

  1. Why are StickerTalk magnets the best on the market?

StickerTalk magnets are made to the highest standards.  All magnets begin with a creative, digital design from one of the talented members of our design team.  The new product then moves to the printer where it is professionally printed with sharp detail and vibrant color.  Your new magnet is made using only name brand materials.  We start with solvent based inks that are scratch resistant, UV resistant and waterproof.  We print that ink onto high quality vinyl and laminate it to Magnum Magnetics flexible material that is designed for vehicle use.  We have tried many different brands and product types and this is the best product available for magnets.  To make your magnet even better and to insure that it will last for years in most outdoor environments, we laminate every one with a PVC UV resistant film.  This provides extra protection against UV rays and scratches and adds more life to your magnet.  This step is one that most online sellers skip because it is time consuming and costly.  However, at StickerTalk, your satisfaction is our primary concern.  We won’t sell a magnet unless we know it is the best we can make.

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