All of us who begin our daily routine applying makeup have discovered we only have to do half our face.

We can concentrate on enhancing our eyes and varying our hairstyles. We do not need foundation, blush, or lipstick because that half of our face is covered with a mask. We can make wearing a mask fun by having several and coordinating them with our outfits. We have discovered it is a perfect time to wear all our dangle earrings. Men who pride themselves on a clean-shaven face each day, now can let it go and hide a day or two growth behind a mask. THIS IS A POSITIVE TO WEARING A MASK.

Before the days of the mask, when we were out and about, we would find ourselves smiling at others. Now, everyone has their smile concealed behind a mask; we cannot give them or receive them. THIS IS A NEGATIVE TO WEARING A MASK.

We cannot communicate well while wearing a mask. When using the same volume and diction as we used in the past, with the 6-foot rule of social distancing we now have to speak louder, slower, and with good diction (no mumbling) for others to understand us correctly. Think of the 466 million (as of 2018) people in the world with disabling hearing loss; that is five percent of the world’s population and includes 34 million children. An estimated 30 to 45 percent of people who speak English, read lips because of hearing loss. With lip reading, they have always had to deal with dim lighting, hand gestures, and accents which have made it difficult at times for them to correctly understand what someone is saying. Now, they have completely lost this vitally necessary avenue of communication because everyone has their lips covered with a mask. THIS IS A NEGATIVE TO WEARING A MASK.

Sweat accumulates between the mask and skin of runners and other outdoor enthusiasts. Doctors, nurses, grocery store employees (all employees who are required to wear masks for an extended amount of time each day) find the masks irritate their facial skin. Applying lotion under the mask makes it greasy. THIS IS A NEGATIVE TO WEARING A MASK.

Even though people are making masks in different colors and ones with designs on them, most people feel uncomfortable wearing them and some say they look ugly. THIS IS A NEGATIVE TO WEARING A MASK.

If there are so many negatives to wearing a mask, why are we doing it? Not only to save our life but, just as importantly, to save the lives of others. The best way we can all help put an end to this pandemic is to isolate, wash our hands with soap, and wear a mask. As soon as we put an end to COVID-19, the sooner we put an end to all the negatives listed above. We can put the masks away and hope we never need them again.               THIS IS THE POSITIVE TO WEARING A MASK NOW!

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