The Lovable Labrador

Regardless of size, shape, or color, every breed of dog offers a unique set of qualities to potential owners; however, the Labrador Retriever has constantly proven to be America’s favorite canine breed throughout recent years. To anyone who has had the privilege of interacting with a Lab, the breed’s universal favor is no cause for surprise. A breed that originates from Newfoundland, the Labrador Retriever is often considered the friendliest of all dogs. While most Labs mainly serve as companions, their strong desire to please allows this dog to effectively tackle an assorted array of tasks. The American Kennel Club classifies the Labrador Retriever as a sporting breed due to the Lab’s working heritage. Early Labs aided fishermen in corralling fish attempting escape from hooks. Today, Labrador Retrievers happily play the role of water dog, effortlessly paddling into chilly waters to retrieve downed fowl during duck hunts. Versatility combines with enthusiastic personality to make the Labrador Retriever the best friend of countless generations of dog owners.

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