The StickerTalk Celebrates National Sibling Day

April 10 marks the annual observance of National Sibling Day. A holiday commonly celebrated on an assorted array of social media platforms, the holiday prompts revelers to snap a selfie with brothers and sisters, reflect on treasured memories, and laud their siblings’ unique quirks. While each household cultivates differing dynamics, science indicates the existence of  universal relationships between siblings. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we have hand-picked a few of our favorites to share in honor of National Sibling Day.

  • People with siblings often showcase superior interpersonal skills. As anyone with a brother or sister may attest, maintaining sibling relationships typically requires a fair amount of diplomacy, ingenuity, and charisma.
  • Younger siblings tend to flaunt more extroverted personalities. In some cases, younger brothers and sisters may even develop rebellious tendencies as a result of their birth order.
  • Siblings commonly share bad habits. Science has repeatedly proven the importance of siblings’ influence, so it comes as no surprise that a sibling may introduce damaging behaviors to brothers and sisters.
  • Siblings rarely share similar personality traits. Contrasting behaviors may be caused by a sibling’s efforts to establish individuality.
  • Having siblings may help you keep your weight under control. One study claims that this is especially true between sisters.


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