The StickerTalk Celebrates Presidents’ Day

Recently, The StickerTalk has payed homage to a wide variety of February holidays. From outstanding African Americans to weather-forecasting rodents, our blog has painstakingly examined a plethora of celebratory subjects. However, we have elected to save the investigation of perhaps the most amusing February observation for this week’s biweekly post. A holiday designed to honor America’s past and present leaders, Presidents’ Day often elicits entertaining anecdotes concerning those who have occupied the highest office of the land. In the spirit of Presidents’ Day, The StickerTalk has hand-picked a few our favorite presidential follies.

  • One of the most popular stories concerns President William Howard Taft. America’s heaviest commander-in-chief, Taft weighed about 350 pounds during his presidency. According to a prevailing account, President Taft allegedly became stuck in the White House’s bathtub, prompting the installation of a larger tub!
  • When you envision presidential prestige, you probably wouldn’t picture pompoms and a megaphone. However, several presidents were college cheerleaders! America’s class of cheering chiefs includes George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Dwight Eisenhower.
  • Arguably America’s most controversial president, Andrew Jackson was renowned for his tough tenacity. This trait proved especially evident in a failed assassination attempt on the president’s life in 1835. When the would-be-assassin’s firearm misfired, Jackson chased after the aggressor, reportedly clubbing him several times with his walking cane.

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