The Maine Coon: A Purrfect Pet

While all cat breeds offer unique personalities and amusing quirks to potential owners, the Maine Coon distinguishes itself through both sheer size and zany antics. Complex critters, these cats boast multifaceted personalities and characteristics. However, we’ve condensed the most prominent hallmarks of the Maine Coon into this edition of The StickerTalk.

  1. The Maine Coon has disputed origins. Some claim that this breed was ferried to America by roving bands of Vikings, while others argue that the modern Maine Coon descended from cats owned by Marie Antoinette.
  2. The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. Some Maine Coons have weighed in at over 20 pounds!
  3. The Maine Coon was named for its resemblance to the raccoon. Considering the cat’s ringed tail and large build, it’s easy to see the physical similarities between the two animals!
  4. Maine Coons are lovable clowns. Playful and easygoing, this breed makes a perfect family pet.
  5. The Maine Coon is extremely intelligent. It can be trained to perform tricks just like a dog!

maine coon


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