The StickerTalk Celebrates Thanksgiving Around the Globe

An observance as old as America itself, Thanksgiving annually commemorates the survival of the pilgrims in the New World. While Thanksgiving is undeniably, uniquely American, a multitude of other cultures throughout the world celebrate holidays of gratitude. Join The StickerTalk on an international expedition of appreciation as we delve into the global variations of Thanksgiving.

  • A holiday mandated in Scripture, Sukkot is chiefly celebrated in Israel. Jewish participants in Sukkot devote a week to the remembrance of ancient Israel’s flight from slavery in Egypt by offering special prayers and eating celebratory meals.
  • Fall in Korea heralds the celebration of Chuseok. Spanning three days, Chuseok observers give thanks to deities and honor the memories of their ancestors. Much like the American version of Thanksgiving, food plays an integral role in this Korean tradition. However, instead of a turkey taking center stage, a half-moon-shaped rice cake called the songpyeon sits in a place of honor on the Chuseok table.
  • During Yurya, a pagan celebration common to Belarus, worshippers perform dances and ceremonies to please Yurya, the goddess of spring. Believing that Yurya will provide an abundant harvest, Belarusians observe this festival of thanks before taking to the fields to plant their crops.

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