The StickerTalk Explores National Blood Donor Month

The month of January plays host to an assorted array of holidays; while celebrations such as New Years and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day seem to dominate the month, January additionally serves as National Blood Donor Month. An observance primarily sponsored by the American Red Cross, National Blood Donor Month’s ultimate goal is the procurement of life-saving blood as a blood transfusion takes place every two seconds in the United States alone. Because modern medical technology has not uncovered a method for producing artificial blood, these blood transfusions are only possible due to the selfless sacrifices of volunteer donors. While the donation process may seem daunting, a strong desire to participate in a humanitarian cause transforms blood donors into everyday heroes. Not everyone is eligible to become a blood donor; however, during this National Blood Donor Month, don’t be afraid to explore the plethora of possibilities tied to blood donation!

Blood Donor On Board Sticker

The information used in this blog can be found at and Click on these hyperlinks to learn more about National Blood Donor Month and the blood donation process.

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