The Humble Hibiscus

Known for its physical beauty and unique flavor, the hibiscus has earned a decorated pedestal in an assorted array of cultures. While the average American typically limits the hibiscus’s significance to that of an exotic garden ornament, this unique flower wields much more importance in other lifestyles. African medicinal tradition claims that the hibiscus possesses healing qualities, alleviating symptoms of colds, liver disease, and even cancer. This clinical application of the flower is mirrored by several other cultures, including the Iranian people who are known to drink hibiscus tea to combat high blood pressure. The hibiscus additionally carries religious and social consequence as the red hibiscus serves as a representation of the goddess Kali in Hindu culture and holds the title of the official flower of Malaysia. Moreover, Hawaiian and Tahitian women utilize a red hibiscus to indicate marital status; a red hibiscus worn behind the right ear translates into availability for courtship and marriage. A truly versatile plant, the hibiscus has also found its way into cosmetic practices as it is used to prevent hair loss and graying. Regardless of the setting or situation, look no further than the humble hibiscus for an unlikely answer!

Pink Hibiscus Sticker

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