People all over the world are living in a way that humans were not created to live in, isolation! We have a natural instinct to be around others. People also have a natural instinct to want to know someone cares about them. During this time of isolation, you can satisfy this need by gifting friends and relatives with a sticker, magnet, camera dot, or light filter that has an image or saying that has a personal meaning to them; the receiver will know that you put a lot of thought into the purchase.

If it is someone’s birthday, anniversary, the birth of a new baby, and/or graduation you want to remember, send them a sticker or magnet letting them know you remember the occasion. Here are a few ideas.

For people who have a favorite hobby or activity like fishing, boating, or scrapbooking, there is an appropriate sticker or magnet. Someone you know might have a particular sport or a favorite sports team; you might find it on a sticker or magnet. Looking for something for mom? Maybe she would like “Band Mom” or “Mom Cave.” There are stickers and magnets for Senior Citizens recognizing they are retired. A sticker for a person’s front door alerting emergency workers that there are “Service Dogs On Premises” and “In Case of An Emergency Rescue Our Dogs” would be a useful gift. For your friends and relatives who own a pet and for those who do not but have a favorite animal, stickers and magnets are available. You can find dogs, cats, chickens, horses, turtles, elephants, giraffes, dolphins, manatees, birds, etc. This is a good time to remember your favorite teacher with “Teachers Make The Future A Better Place.” For people who could use a laugh, send them a sticker with a humorous saying on it. You can purchase motivational stickers and magnets like: “When Life Gives You Crumbs Feed The Birds” or “Don’t Quit Follow Your Dreams” or “Think Happy Thoughts.” For your friends or relatives who live in an RV, the magnet “Mobile Mansion” is perfect.

Your family and friends will have a blast playing with the colorful LED phone light filters. They place them over their smart phone’s flashlight and they instantly add a pop of color. The filters are reusable, so the colors can be changed repeatedly for variety. They can also be stacked to create a range of colors. Send a sheet or two to families with children to provide hours of entertainment.

With everyone using electronic devices to stay in touch, camera dots are a safety must. They come in a variety of theme designs, sizes, and colors. One sheet should have enough dots for all the devices the person you gift needs. There are cats, dogs, birds, horses, flamingos, zoo animals, patriotic themes, butterflies, chickens, Christian theme, athletic, alien, etc. A popular one is crazy eyes.

A personal gift is always an appreciated gift. Whatever the interest, there is a sticker, camera dot, magnet, or light filter just for them.

All these items can be purchased at STICKERTALK.COM; remember to get something for yourself too.

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