When people open your car door do food wrappers, soda cans, water bottles, etc., come tumbling out? Or, when someone opens your car door will they find a clean seat waiting for them? People will size you up by the contents of your car. Even if the outside has just been run through the car wash, if the inside is a mess you will be judged by that impression.

Various psychologists have come to the following conclusions of what the inside or your vehicle tells others about you. They might be correct or way off base when it comes to you personally; you decide.


Before a passenger can sit down, you have to take time to clear the seat of your personal possessions (clothes, books, laptop). You don’t value your personal things.


When using a vehicle for business and driving clients around (realtor, Uber), a messy inside could be a deterrent to customers, especially if this is their first time to meet you. A car cluttered with business paperwork and other business supplies leaves people thinking you are not responsible or efficient. Just taking a little time to make sure the inside of your vehicle is clean could bring you increased sales.


If the inside of your vehicle is full of food and drink containers, you are a slob and don’t care about your or others health and cleanliness.  Who wants to worry about sitting on a sticky seat or touching a fast food carton that still has half of a week old sandwich.


Every vehicle should have an emergency kit. Just make sure it contains items that are needed in a true emergency like bandages, alcohol wipes, first aid cream, and gauze bandages. If possible, keep the kit in the glove compartment or under a seat out of view. A tool that breaks the window (hopefully you will never need it) and a working flashlight are two things to keep in the front driver’s door compartment. Some people like to carry a blanket. If you are one of them, just be sure it is folded neatly and placed in a plastic container in the trunk so it stays clean. Do not stockpile canned or prepackaged food and water. If people see all this “stuff” in your trunk, they might think you are expecting dooms day to come any time.


Other items you do not want to keep in your vehicle are a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, and other things that you can buy at the nearest store if needed. If you feel compelled to care one or all of these personal care items, be sure they are out of the sight of your passengers. If they do not know you, it might cross their mind that you are living out of your car.


If you are a procrastinator when it comes to “convenience” car repairs, you need to think about the impression you are giving to others. For example, if your driver’s side window won’t go down anymore because the motor needs to be replaced, get it replaced as soon as you can afford it. You might view it as an inconvenience to go to the repair shop and you will get it done when you have extra time, but others might view it as you are broke; never a good message to send even if it is true. Successful people look successful before they become successful!

Remember, your vehicle inside and outside gives people an opinion of you; take time to make it a good one!



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