Everyone has a favorite animal that they would love to give affection to and receive affection back from. Usually people select a domestic dog, cat, horse, etc. Some long for an animal that is known to live in the wild. If you have your mind set on purchasing a wild animal (they can cost thousands of dollars so be sure you can afford to buy one and provide for it during its life span), there are several things you need to do. First, confirm where you live allows you to own the animal and keep it in captivity. Many countries ban owning certain wild animals. If you live in the USA, states differ on which wild animals they will allow people to own and many states require a license. Second, research the animal’s behavior, feeding requirements, climate requirements, life span in captivity, and other facts that would enable you to make an intelligent decision on having the animal become a member of your family. Third, be sure you can provide the needed outdoor space for the animal you select (they need space to run off their energy); if not, you will have a depressed unhappy animal instead of a happy pet. Fourth, make sure the size of the animal fits your life-style. Fifth, always investigate the breeder and ask for a health record before you make a purchase. Ensure the breeder has been spending time with the animal so it is socialized before you take it home. Sixth, not all veterinarians treat wild animals so make sure there is one in your area who will take care of your new pet. It will need to be checked for parasites and other things. Here are some wild animals that people have as pets.
If you are a night owl, the nocturnal hedgehog would make a good pet as long as you like to watch it play with its toys in its cage. Caring for a hedgehog is like taking care of a hamster or a guinea pig. Their needs are simple: a cage with toys, food, water, a hiding place is a must, and a potty spot. Because it is small and requires little from its owner, it is a good starter pet for children.
Another nocturnal wild animal that people keep as a pet is the fennec fox. If you want a small animal that is playful like a dog, but independent like a cat, you might want to research this species of fox native to Africa. This is the smallest breed of fox in the world weighing about 4 pounds when it reaches maturity. Fennec foxes are comical looking with petite bodies and huge ears. They are smart, social, and require a lot of attention. At times, they even purr like a cat. They can be domesticated; they will walk on a leash, fetch a toy, and can be litter trained. They are nocturnal and will want to be active when the lights go out. Because they are wild, they cannot be let loose in a yard even if it is fenced because they are diggers and will escape.
If you are a reptile lover, the bearded dragon might be your wild pet of choose. Buy one that was bred in captivity. Bearded dragons are cute, calm-natured, and friendly lizards. They need to be kept in a tank that is 90 degrees at one end and 70 degrees at the other so it can cool off. They need ultraviolet light. You can buy food specially formulated for them off the internet. You can handle them, but because they (like all reptiles) carry salmonella bacteria, it is imperative after each handling that hands are washed thoroughly.
Providing the needed care wild animals require is not something everyone is able to do. It is a huge responsibility and one that you need to commit to for the life of the animal. Most of us settle for visiting them at the local zoo, watching them on the nature shows, and possibly being fortunate enough to see them in their native environment running free and wild.

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