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As the dog days of summer wind to a close, young musicians lay aside the leisures of of the season and take up their instruments, flocking to band halls and practice fields. Seamlessly weaving together musicianship, discipline, and camaraderie, marching band plays an integral role in the lives of countless students, molding untried youths into seasoned leaders. Many students who opt to participate are driven by lighthearted motives; Friday night lights, time spent with friends, and new, exciting music prompt countless students to don a uniform and take to the gridiron. However, band programs offer a plethora of unseen benefits that may not surface until after a band member graduates. As marching season begins to capture the curiosity of spectators, The StickerTalk invites you to explore a sample of the lasting advantages of marching band.

Learning to Lead: The vast majority of marching band programs call upon student leaders to assist band directors and other staff members. Drum majors, section leaders, and council members must fine tune their planning and communication abilities in order to maintain peace and accomplish the goals of the group. As new generations of leaders hone their skills, they cultivate capacities which will serve them in future careers and relationships.

Flex Your Neurons: The art of marching band requires an impressive memory. Participating students must not only memorize their halftime drill, but the accompanying music as well. As a result, band students often become more adept in their academic studies and better able to comprehend complex sets of data.

A Dose of Discipline: Like many extracurricular activities, marching band solicits quite a sacrifice from its participants. By devoting untold amounts of time, energy, and effort into the perfection of a drill, band students acquire the virtues of self-discipline and selflessness. A part of something much larger than themselves, marching band members gain firsthand experience in teamwork, cooperation, and excellence.

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