A Dairy Delight for the Ages

While culinary cultures universally acknowledge ice cream as a superior sweet treat, its origins prove somewhat obscure. In an effort to enlighten our readers with tons of trivial tidbits, this edition of The StickerTalk will investigate the evolution of this favored dessert.

Some historians claim that early forms of ice cream were enjoyed by King Solomon, Alexander the Great, and Nero. According to historical records, these ancient rulers craved sugary, iced beverages often made with snow. Hundreds of years later, European explorers discovered an Asian dessert somewhat resembling modern ice cream; Europeans are credited with manipulating the Asian recipe into the ice cream we know and love today. This frozen delight made its way to America as early as 1744 and has served as a staple of American cuisine ever since. The next time you dive into a pint of your favorite ice cream, you’ll enjoy a guilty pleasure that has been thousands of years in the making!

ice cream sticker

The information used in this blog was found at http://www.idfa.org/news-views/media-kits/ice-cream/the-history-of-ice-cream. Click on this hyperlink to learn more about the evolution of ice cream.

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