The Great StickerTalk Escape

After years of diligent dedication, StickerTalk finally realized the dream of owning an inventory consisting of over 10,000 unique and premium quality products. Today, the team took a break from making our world-renowned stickers to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment, focusing the enthusiasm and energy typically harnessed into craftsmanship on the task of outwitting an escape room. A collaboration including six veteran escape artists and one rookie, the StickerTalk team tackled a plethora of puzzles, riddles, and conundrums, emerging victorious with an excess of ten minutes remaining on the clock. While  the escape room experience proved both exhilarating and challenging, the teamwork displayed by the group continues to play an integral role in our work; fueled by camaraderie and tenacity, StickerTalk will maintain our reputation as a printing authority while perpetually expanding our horizons in order to better serve our valued customers.

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