Amazing Aspects of Autumn

Officially beginning at 8:54 PM on September 22, autumn has commenced its annual reclamation of both weather and foliage, prompting fans of fall to don a light jacket and order a pumpkin spice latte. Although autumn is generally recognized for its more obvious characteristics such as gradually decreasing temperatures and leaves fading into pastel yellows and oranges, this celebrated season offers much more than mere aesthetics. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we invite you to fall into the many wonders of autumn.

Surging Sweets: Since the custom of trick-or-treating was first observed in 1927, its influence has spread across the globe. Recent studies indicate that more participants become involved in trick-or-treating each year. The current average amount of candy a costumed kid receives from each house is two handfuls, an always increasing figure. In America alone, over two billion dollars are annually spent on Halloween candy!

Autumn in the Atmosphere: While the arrival of autumn is perhaps most proudly mirrored in the physical realm by the vivid colors of falling leaves, the skies additionally announce the beginning of a new season. NASA refers to autumn as “aurora season” due to the doubled frequency of geomagnetic storms that occurs throughout the season.

Matchmaking and Merrymaking: Bobbing for apples is a time-honored tradition entirely unique to autumn. While today’s version of the game is only played for grins and giggles, unmarried young people in Britain developed the sport as a courting ritual. Each bachelorette would bob for an apple, hoping to secure the apple assigned to her sweetheart.



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