Blissful Birding

Evidence increasingly abounds indicating the impending advent of spring. Colorful blossoms spread their petals, white blankets of snow slowly fade, and Earth is allowed to bask in the Sun’s rays for extended periods of time. For some sorrowful souls, the new season only offers ample opportunities for allergy attacks; however, another group utilizes the weather change by venturing wood-ward to enjoy bird watching. Any seasoned “birder” can attest that birdwatching represents an art form, a serene activity requiring a specialized collection of skills and knowledge. Because this hobby is not easily mastered overnight, this addition of The StickerTalk aims to enhance a reader’s birding endeavors by providing a handful of tips and tricks designed to encourage beginning birders.

  1. Look no further than your backyard! While most pieces of domestic property play host to a variety of dazzling birds, adding items such as bird baths, bird houses, and bird feeders to your yard helps attract even more species, advancing your birding skills and knowledge.
  2. Journal your discoveries. Birding is a learning experience, so it is crucial to record new information, especially when beginning.
  3. Don’t be afraid to disconnect. In our fast-paced society, eschewing technology, even for a limited amount of time, may seem daunting. However, we can almost guarantee that your amazement at nature’s incomparable beauty is worth the sacrifice!

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