Pickleball: It’s a Big Dill

The noteworthy sport of pickleball has recently garnered attention as a favored pastime of innovative athletes. A relatively new sport, pickleball harbors an array of enigmas to the average observer; because the sport is a complex blend of other games, it may seem difficult to understand or enjoy. However, pickleball’s vibrant past teamed with its specialized set of rules make the sport a unique experience for any athlete!

Pickleball was created in 1965 by a trio of fathers desperate to entertain their bored children. The game was a success! Even Pickles, a cocker spaniel owned by one of the first families of the game, reveled in the excitement, chasing the ball any time it escaped the control of the athletes. The dog’s enthusiasm for the sport prompted the name, “pickleball.” Pickleball borrows objectives, equipment, and rules from a variety of sources, deriving inspiration from tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Played on a court, pickleball players may play one-on-one or compete in teams of two by utilizing solid paddles to hit a wiffle ball to their opponent(s) across a net. While the sport is a favorite of young athletes, professional pickleball players regularly vie for titles and prizes. Regardless of your skill level, pickleball proves an exciting form of both exercise and entertainment!

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