The Fabulous Flamingo

They are absolutely everywhere: from front yards to zoos and from aquariums to amusement parks, flamingos brighten up any environment! Although these brilliant birds originally hail from tropical climates, they have found their way into the hearts of avian enthusiasts across the globe. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we have assembled a flamboyance of flamingo facts to flatter our feathered friends.

Fiery Feathers Named for their colorful plumage, the word, “flamingo'” is derived from the Spanish word for fire, “flamenco.” Although flamingos are typically shown with bright pink feathers, a portion of the population remains white or gray. Flamingos that do sport a vibrant array of hues procure their pigment from certain nutrients found in their diet.

Featherstone’s Flamingoes If you have ever admired a plastic lawn flamingo, thank Mr. Don Featherstone! Featherstone, a Massachusetts native, invented the now-iconic pink lawn ornament in 1957, triggering a cultural revolution. Today, there are more plastic lawn flamingos in America than real flamingoes!

An Answer to an Age-Old Question Many of us have wondered why flamingos prefer to strike a pose with one leg tucked underneath their bodies. Wonder no longer! Animal experts have deduced that this baffling behavior is designed to conserve heat.

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