The Keys to Musicality

The piano is perhaps the most versatile musical instrument in existence. From sophisticated concert halls to adrenaline-fueled rock concerts, the humble piano boasts the unique capability to transcend a plethora of genres. Easy enough to seem approachable to young students yet simultaneously daunting to even the most seasoned musician, this instrument entertains a variety of enigmas. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we will examine the intricate harmonies of the piano’s past.

Ancient Melodies: While the piano is a relatively new instrument at an approximate 300 years of age, one of its musical relatives, the hammered dulcimer, dates back to the year 900 A.D. The piano itself was invented in 1698 in Italy. Its original name, fortepiano, payed homage to the instrument’s impressive range.

Some Strings Attached: A standard piano requires 230 strings to achieve its full range of sound. Each of the strings holds an average of 168 pounds of tension, placing the piano’s total tension poundage at over 18 tons!

High-Priced Harmonies: The most expensive piano in recorded history was sold for a staggering 3.22 million dollars at auction. Called the Crystal Piano, this pricey piano’s transparent structure garnered the world’s attention at the 2008 Olympic Games.


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