The Marvelous Mastiff

A dog characterized by its oxymoronic combination of sheer mass and gentle demeanor, the Mastiff is often considered one of the oldest breeds in existence. Although modern Mastiffs often prove leisure-loving giants, the breed’s colorful past contains stories of valor, vengeance, and suspense. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we have mustered a handful of the highlights of the Mastiff’s vibrant history.

An Ancient Warrior The molossus, a predecessor of the present-day Mastiff, was bred for the purposes of hunting and combat. The molossus and other mastiff ancestors hunted lions in ancient Babylon, fought wild animals in Roman arenas, and charged into battle alongside Carthaginian and Celtic soldiers.

Famous Cousins Because the Mastiff stands head and shoulders above the majority of other breeds, it may be difficult to believe that other dogs share their lineage with the canine behemoth. Some of the Mastiff’s cousins include the Chow Chow and, surprisingly, the pug!

Protector, Patron… Pilgrim? Although the evidence is not conclusive, many reports claim that a Mastiff accompanied the pilgrims aboard the Mayflower across the Atlantic and into the New World.

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