The StickerTalk Celebrates International Jazz Day

On April 30 musicians around the world will celebrate International Jazz Day. A truly unequalled musical genre, jazz invites listeners of all backgrounds to immerse themselves in its rich harmonies and unusual rhythms. Jazz’s unique flair can be traced to the style’s origins. The genre was born when slaves from West Africa were transported to the Southern United States. These captives preserved their tribal heritage by fusing traditional African musical elements with those of conventional European compositions. This collision of worlds not only spawned new modes of musicality but also inspired the assembly of unprecedented ensembles; African instruments like the banjo and guitar accompanied European instruments including the saxophone, piano, and trumpet. Jazz music reached prominence in the early 1900s. Musicians like Louis Armstrong and his cohorts helped popularize the style. While every jazz musician displayed uncanny artistic prowess, jazz’s emphasis on individuality and improvisation ensured that each artist developed a distinct identity. The genre’s ability to provide voice and singularity continue to grant jazz a permanent place in the heart of people around the globe, a musical style worthy of celebration!

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