The Wonderful Windy City

While most Americans associate mental images of booming metropolises, diverse crowds, and towering skyscrapers with Chicago, Illinois, many facets of the city remain undiscovered by the general public. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we hope to shed a bit of light on the authentic identity of the nation’s third largest city.

  1. A true center of art and culture, Chicago’s city limits house a surplus of 200 theaters, 50 museums, and 700 public art displays.
  2. Although New Orleans is considered the birthplace of jazz, Chicagoans created the term “jazz” to describe this uniquely American style of music.
  3. Icon Walt Disney is a Chicago native; he was born in the city in 1901 and received his education from a variety of Chicago’s distinguished establishments.
  4. Chicago offers curious diners a plethora of options as the city plays host to over 5,000 restaurants.
  5. If you have ever savored the sensation of devouring a malted milkshake, thank Chicago, the mastermind behind the sweet treat!

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