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Id Rather Be Fishing Magnet

Fishing has been around for a very long time. Some people fish for food while others compete in competitive fishing championships. There are all different varieties of fish in the world, some weighing thousands of pounds and then there are others weighing a few measly grams. There is believed to be about 33,600 different species […]

A Sweet Piece of History

Sweet Treat Camera Dots®

Chewing gum, considered by many to be the quintessential candy, boasts a particularly storied history. Long before spearmint and cinnamon were staple flavors, Ancient Scandinavians chewed on birch-bark tar. Some experts believe that the tar not only offered some savory satisfaction, but it also helped relieve toothaches. Residents of Ancient Greece also transformed tree resin […]

Lavish Lettering

White Cursive L Monogram Sticker

Although handwritten letters are slightly making a comeback recently they are mostly a thing of the past. Nowadays most people text, virtually meet, or e-mail, but a long time ago people actually wrote on paper and sent it through the mail. Strange, right? Well, with the ancient ways of communication also came ancient ways of […]


Ballooning Lifts You Up Magnet

We see balloons almost every day whether for birthdays, carnivals, outside stores, or even soaring high in the sky. The first rubber balloon was invented in 1824 for uses in a laboratory by Michael Faraday. However, this is not where balloons got their start. Originally people would fill animal bladders with air to create balloons. […]

Fourth of July

4th of july

This year America will be celebrating the 79th Independence day celebration as a national holiday. However, Independence Day, also called the Fourth of July, has been celebrated since the 17th century which makes this coming holiday the 244th Fourth of July. The Fourth of July is an American holiday celebrating America’s independence from British rule. […]

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