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Blissful Birding

Blissful Birding Evidence increasingly abounds indicating the impending advent of spring. Colorful blossoms spread their petals, white blankets of snow slowly fade, and Earth is allowed to bask in the Sun’s rays for extended periods of time. For some sorrowful souls, the new season only offers ample opportunities for allergy attacks; however, another group utilizes […]

The Maine Coon: A Purrfect Pet

The Maine Coon: A Purrfect Pet While all cat breeds offer unique personalities and amusing quirks to potential owners, the Maine Coon distinguishes itself through both sheer size and zany antics. Complex critters, these cats boast multifaceted personalities and characteristics. However, we’ve condensed the most prominent hallmarks of the Maine Coon into this edition of […]

The StickerTalk Celebrates Presidents’ Day

The StickerTalk Celebrates Presidents’ Day Recently, The StickerTalk has payed homage to a wide variety of February holidays. From outstanding African Americans to weather-forecasting rodents, our blog has painstakingly examined a plethora of celebratory subjects. However, we have elected to save the investigation of perhaps the most amusing February observation for this week’s biweekly post. […]

An Amusing Alternative to a Time-Honored Tradition

An Amusing Alternative to a Time-Honored Tradition As winter’s harsh hand begins to recede, the returning birdsongs and the delicate, blossoming flowers inspire the romantic festivities surrounding Valentine’s Day. A holiday dedicated to the lovestruck, revelers typically celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging extravagant bouquets and decadent treats with their sweethearts. However, for currently unattached folks, […]

The Foundations of America’s Football Frenzy

The Foundations of America’s Football Frenzy As the professional football season draws to a dramatic close, the research efforts behind The StickerTalk were directed towards the genesis of the sport. We hope this compilation of curiosities both fascinates and enlightens our readers. Modern American football traces its origins to back to the Nineteenth Century. The […]

The Wonderful Windy City

The Wonderful Windy City While most Americans associate mental images of booming metropolises, diverse crowds, and towering skyscrapers with Chicago, Illinois, many facets of the city remain undiscovered by the general public. In this edition of The StickerTalk, we hope to shed a bit of light on the authentic identity of the nation’s third largest […]

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