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The Songs of Springtime

Is there any sound more beautiful than the melodious mixture of bird songs in early [...]

It’s Spring! Let’s Plant Blossoms!

Do you know the difference between annuals and perennials? What about a biennial? Annual plants [...]


Every year in the early spring, I am mesmerized by the the live eagle cams [...]

A Bouquet of Symbols

As spring’s warm weather and gentle showers usher in new life throughout nature, floral enthusiasts [...]

Savory Flavors at Your Fingertips

The annual Groundhog Day celebration occurred on February 2 of this year just as it [...]

Christmas Mysteries

Christmas is widely regarded as a season of wonder, but have you ever wondered why [...]


Books and the Dishes They Contain (Part 3)

Part 1 of this blog was a Russian recipe for a cold soup. Part 2 [...]

Books and the Dishes they Contain (Part 1)

Sitting at home instead of staring at four walls or the television, people are returning [...]

Hummers in the Air

Did you hear that small, quick hum? Hummers move really fast. Look quick or you [...]

Cluck, Cluck, Who’s There?

Why are so many backyards filled with the sound of clucking chickens? As of 2018, [...]

Guess Who Just Woke Up!

Beware! Warmer weather has awakened the reptile family. I just saw a yellow-bellied water snake [...]

The Mysterious Leviathan

Whales are mysterious, as well as some of the most interesting mammals on planet earth. [...]

The Easter Bunny Is On His Way!

This year, Easter will fall on April 12th, which is the first Sunday after the [...]

The Land of the Midnight Sun

If asked, most people will answer that the largest state in the Union is Texas. [...]

Meet the Mule

In colloquial language, the mule tends to maintain a bad reputation. Derogatory phrases including “stubborn [...]


Shake, Shake, Shake Your Boblehead!

National Bobblehead Day is established as an official National Observance Day to be celebrated annually [...]

Freezing and Fishing

Here in Southeast Texas, fishing is a leisurely activity most frequently enjoyed in warm weather. [...]

It’s Time to View the Colors

            There is a lot of scientific information about why leaves change colors. The average [...]

Mixed-Up Mammals

A recent fad among dog owners entails crossing various breeds of dog to create unique [...]

The StickerTalk Celebrates Mother’s Day

Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge once stated, “The love of a mother is the veil of [...]

Enigmas of Easter

A commemoration common to an overwhelming majority of Christian denominations, Easter celebrates the ultimate triumph [...]

Love Them or Leave Them-Snakes that is!

If you have a fear of ALL snakes, take your vacation or better yet think [...]

The Humdinging Hummingbird

Spring is in full swing, ushering the return of blissful temperatures, picturesque wildflowers, and the [...]

The StickerTalk Celebrates the Redbud Festival

The second Saturday in March ushers in the annual pomp of the Redbud Festival for [...]

Winter Weather Wonders

On the frigid morning of February, 2, 2019, Americans from coast to coast celebrated Punxsutawney [...]

The Delightful Development of Dentistry

A practice specializing in oral health and nervous patients, dentistry proves a fascinating field of [...]

Frozen Follies

Frozen Follies The snowman represents a frosty facet of holiday nostalgia, a frozen friend of [...]

A Rendezvous With Reindeer

A Rendezvous With Reindeer Santa’s preferred beast of burden and a zoological favorite among the [...]

The StickerTalk Celebrates Thanksgiving Around the Globe

The StickerTalk Celebrates Thanksgiving Around the Globe An observance as old as America itself, Thanksgiving [...]

Fowl Play

Fowl Play Besides serving as the subject of the ever-popular, yet increasingly cliche joke, chickens [...]

Flowering Hope

Flowering Hope Brightly dyed eggs and cheerful bunnies commonly constitute symbols of Easter, but one [...]

Blissful Birding

Blissful Birding Evidence increasingly abounds indicating the impending advent of spring. Colorful blossoms spread their [...]

The StickerTalk Explores Black History Month

The StickerTalk Explores Black History Month Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, Jr., [...]

From Candles to Critters, Groundhog Day Continues to Thrill

From Candles to Critters, Groundhog Day Continues to Thrill While most people are familiar with [...]

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